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WDLH Series Slitting and Leveling Equipment Set


1. WDLH Series Slitting and Leveling Equipment Set can simultaneously realize of slitting,leveling and transverse cutting.
2.T he raw steel coil can be continuously processed according to the process line as follows:

3. Through PLC and Human-computer interface,the process parameters can be set,stored and displayed.
The machined is featured with the advantages such as small size,simplified production workflow, reduced labor intensity and improved efficiency.

1.Charging trolley
3.Press,guide and release materials
4.Pinch and primarily leveling
5.rollaway platform
6.Guide and center

7.Main Slitting Machine
8.Edge and Wire Rolling Machine
9.Rollaway platform
10.Guide and center
11.Main Leveling Machine
12.Measure and determine the required length
13.Plate Shearing Machine
14.Stack platform
16.Separate and press materials
17.Main Coiling Machine
18.Auxiliary Bracing
19.Discharging trolley
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